New York State Two Cylinder Expo Association Officers & Directors

Kevin Morris, Chairman
James Stratton, Vice-Chairman
Susanne Morris, Secretary
Joe Huey, Treasurer
Mike Taylor, Historian
Ed Bonicave - Southern Tier Expo Director
Joe Schwartz - Southern Tier Expo Director
James Taft - Southern Tier Alternate Director
Norm Gerych - Southern Tier Alternate Director
Lynn King - Finger Lakes Expo Director
Jim Loren - Finger Lakes Expo Director
Al Hain - Western Expo Director
Bill Radner - Western Expo Director
Don Schuler -Western Expo Alternate Director
Paul Trowbridge -  Western Expo Alternate Director
Peter Toombs - Central Expo Director
Paul Tennant - Central Expo Director 

To give John Deere collectors in the eastern half of the United States the opportunity to get together and show off the results of their hard work, dedication, and love for the  old two cylinder tractors, the clubs formed a parent organization and thus created the Expo Association.  Our sole purpose is to give John Deere enthusiasts from across the country and Canada the opportunity to get together, swap ideas and stories, and maybe pick up a much needed part that they’ve been searching for. Since our beginning in 1993, we have become one of the world’s largest antique John Deere tractor show.  We have attracted some of the best and rarest tractors from all over the country, not to mention many well-known parts dealers.

We host a show every two years in Canandaigua, New York on the grounds of the New York Steam Engine Association.  Prior Expo feature tractors were:

Expo I – July 1993 – Model ‘A’
Expo II – July 1995 – Model ‘D’
Expo III – July 1997 – Model ‘730’
Expo IV – July 1999 – Model ‘B’
Expo V – July 2001 – Model ‘L’
Expo VI – July 2003 – Model ‘R’
Expo VII – July 2005 – Model ‘AOS’
Expo VIII – July 2007 – Model ‘H’
Expo IX – July 2009 – Model ‘60”
Expo X - July 2011 - Model '420'
Expo XI - July 2013 - Model 'G'
Expo XII - July 2015 - Model '430'
Expo XIII - July 2017 - Model '630'
Expo XIV - July 2019 - Model 'M'

If you have attended any of our shows and have comments, or if you’re looking for information on Expo XV, you can contact us by e-mail at 

Established in 1993, the New York State Two Cylinder Expo Association is comprised of four Two Cylinder Clubs scattered across the western half of New York State, extending from Buffalo east, across the Rochester and Finger Lakes area to Syracuse, and south of the Pennsylvania border.
New York State Two Cylinder Expo