General Rules

(Exhibitors must be at show a minimum of two days and in place by 8:00 a.m. each day)

            1.   Maximum 19-inch drawbar height.
            2.   No sign-ups after class has started.
            3.   Only gasoline, kerosene, or diesel allowed as fuel.
            4.   Use of alcoholic beverages before or during the pull will result in disqualification.
            5.   Front wheels may NOT come more than 18 inches off the ground when pulling.
            6.   No multiple drivers on the same tractor in the same class.  A tractor may pull only once in a class.
            7.   No trophies will be given.  Payback for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in each class proportionate with number of entries in each class.

Enhanced Class

4 p.m. Friday, July 14, 2023       $10.00 per class​

Weight Classes:          3500#     4500#     5500#    6500#     7500#     8500#     10,000#

            Rules for Enhanced Class
                1.   RPM’s will be limited to 20% over factory specifications.
                2.   No horsepower or tire size limits.
                3.   End of draw bar must be at least 18 inches behind center of rear axles.
                4.   Drivers must be 18 years or older.

Entries in this class MAY pull in the Pure Stock Class on Saturday night provided they
meet the stock class restrictions for maximum tire size and maximum speed.
​          ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pure Stock Class

4 p.m. Saturday, July 15, 2023     $10.00 per class

Maximum speed for the entire class is 3 mph.
Two warning horns will be given within the first 100 feet for over speed.
A third horn will mean disqualification.

                                                                Weight Class            Max. Tire
                                                                3000#                        H's & M's w/standard tires      
                                                                3500#                             12.4                               
                                                                4500#                             13.9                               
                                                                4500# Ladies                 13.9                                
                                                                5500#                             15.5                                
                                                                6500#                             15.5                                
                                                                7500#                             15.5
                                                                8500#                             18.4                                
                                                             10,000#                             18.4                                

            Rules for Pure Stock Class
                1.   All entries are subject to judge’s approval as being stock (carburetor, block, etc.).
                2.   No cut tires
                3.   Tin wheels allowed
                4.   No weights or brackets beyond the front most part of the tractor.
                5.   End of drawbar must be at least 18 inches behind the center of the rear axles.
                6.   No multiple drivers on the same tractor in the same class. A tractor may pull only once in a class.
                7.   Drivers 12 to 18 years of age must have parental consent and exhibit adequate driver knowledge to pull.

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