Southern Tier Two Cylinder Club
Jim Stratton - President (607-776-1606)
Kevin Morris- Vice President
Sue Morris- Secretary
Bev Grosse- Treasurer
Lois Morris- Historian


Jeff Johner
Joe Schwartz
Ed Bonicave
Norm Gerych

 In May of 1992, about twenty people met for the first time at the Howard Fire Department to start their own John Deere Two Cylinder Club. This was formed for the preservation and restoration of antique John Deere tractors and implements. With the help of Bruce Reader in November 1992, we received our charter from George Bull who was the New York State Director for Two Cylinder Worldwide. John Jensen, Area Coordinator, presented each of the officers with a special pin. 
The newly selected officers were Ray Schwartz, President; Byron Bowen, 1st Vice-President; Lee Van Skiver, 2nd Vice President; Helen Coots, Secretary; Bruce Morris, Treasurer; and Kevin Vine, Historian. The Directors were Phil Bennett, Jim Weber, Jeff Johner, and Richard Lewis. Our logo is the unstyled A on steel.

We meet once a month on the third Thursday of each month at various locations. A newsletter is sent once a month to keep everyone up-to-date on the happenings. We participate in parades, plow days, and twice a year we go to the Steuben County Health Care to show our toys and visit the residents.

Elections are held once a year and the new officers take office at the yearly banquet at our November meeting. At this time we award a plaque to an outstanding member that is chosen by the club members. 

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